BIOS: Uncouth Gourmands

23 Jun

I get asked to write absurd bios for people a lot. I just wrote about 30+ for Uncouth Gourmands. Click more for an example of one I wrote for the Co-Founder, Josie Mora plus a link to the original page. More bios to follow!

The Bio

Josie is Chief Instigator and Co-Founder of uncouthgourmands.

If Anthony Bourdain and Carrie Bradshaw conceived a love child on the runway of New York fashion week after a night of pork rinds and tequila shots, that would be Josie. If Martha Stewart had been a punk rock kid with a palate for caviar and Pabst, that would be Josie.

While other children are born screaming and red, Josie Mora was born wearing a pencil skirt, tiny baby Christian Louboutin’s, a sapphire pacifier on a chain made out of gold moon dust, and smelling like white frosted birthday cake.  Wherever Josie would go, she left a trail of candy that just naturally appeared in the wake of her shadow. Children would run after her gathering fistfuls of Chiclets, Hershey’s kisses, Now & Later’s, and the most coveted candy of all, miniature Snickers bars. As Josie got older, she began to mesh her innate sense of style with her ability to make everything around her sweet. She was hired on by the late Alexander McQueen to help him complete a project where he made all of his dresses out dehydrated ice cream and caramelized honey, with giant beehive headdresses made out of cotton candy. Unfortunately the project was top secret and without McQueen, we will never get to see that incarnation of Josie’s fashion vision. Do not despair. In an effort to branch out from her normal fashion meets Fluffernutter equation, rumor has it that Josie is currently working with Louis Vuitton on a purse that also doubles as a beer keg.


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