20 Jun

I wrote this press release for HOWL CLOTHING.

Magic in the Material:

Howl Launches with a Wicked Winter Collection

Los Angeles, California- December 30, 2009- Channeling a fashion dream from the raw industry of reality into the mythic products of fantasy has always been an overwhelming desire for the young designer of Howl, a new clothing line. One might even say the motivation to turn “rags” into “magic” had its genesis through genetics.

25-year-old Keyla Marquez has her hardworking matriarchs to thank for both her technical and creative talent–despite never attending fashion school. Her hunger for fashion is a familial trait; her grandmother and mother both had their own fashion lines. While a mere child, Ms. Marquez watched her mother’s $200 fashion endeavor become a 30-employee operation. Ms. Marquez was the youngest and most unruly “employee”: “I grew up running around in my parent’s factories, picking up scraps of fabric, and getting in trouble for cutting up dresses I wasn’t supposed to touch.”

This dichotomy between an innate attention to craft and a rebellious inclination reflects in the works of Ms. Marquez. Howl Clothing is the stuff of fashionista superheroes and, more poignantly, super-villains, “My inspiration for this collection came from weird geometric shapes, my love for experimenting with different kinds of materials, and villains because they always have the most amazing costumes in movies.”

Just as Ms. Marquez wants those who wear her pieces to feel themselves taken to heroic (and mythic) altitudes, the launch of Howl has given her a similar attitude, “My goal is to make magic and make people feel like they want to fly to the milky way galaxy.”

Howl will be made available exclusively through Welcome Hunters in Chinatown where an opening reception event will also take place:

Howl Opening Reception
Saturday, January 2, 8-11pm

Welcome Hunters
451 Gin Ling Way
Los Angeles, CA

Keyla Marquez


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